Hi, I am the name & face behind Lexi Jaice Photography, and who you will likely meet on the day of your engagement session or wedding! I am a Philadelphia wedding photographer servicing the greater Philadelphia area, New Jersey, & Beyond!

Where it all began

I am originally from a small town in Southern New Jersey. If anyone knows where Rowan University is, I grew up about 5 minutes down the street in a farming community. We moved there when I was in fourth grade. Moving from a town with a Wawa every half mile, multiple grocery stores, and sports complexes around every bend. Everything was around us, and then there was this town. There was a grocery store in the town of Glassboro, but everyone talked about how terrible it was. The next closest grocery store was about a 20-30 minute drive away, down a highway. So no grocery store, and no gas station! Our town is built up now! I remember they built our grocery store in 8th grade, and a gas station in 12th grade. There were a few years where we questioned why we moved there!

Living in a small farming town, there was not much to do. If we do not have a grocery store or gas station, do you think we have a lot of extracurricular activities? The answer is no. Each summer starting in 9th grade I attended a summer art program through my high school. My art teacher introduced me to another art teacher who ran the darkroom in our high school. She introduced me to my first film camera and taught me everything I needed to know! From there, I was hooked. After school I would wait for that golden light and take my film camera out into the corn fields. I took photos of my friends and whoever else I could convince to let me take their photo. I’m sure this age me would never guess I am now a Philadelphia wedding photographer!

The Formative Years

Into college, I found my way back into the darkroom! First through a basic film photography class, and then as a work-study. I spent most of my time day-dreaming about beautiful photos, but stuck in psychology and pre-med classes. I learned the art of taking photos, processing black and white, as well as color film, and printing both as well. This taught me to slow down and be intentional with my photos. finding the perfect light, waiting for the right expression or moment, and snapping the photo. This taught me not only patience, but to trust my gut, and to trust all that I have learned.

The Catalyst

Fast forward to the end of college, and my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that metastasized to the brain. I stopped almost all of my art, and refocused back to my premed classes. Her diagnosis reminded me of why I wanted to go into medicine in the first place. Most people do not think of medicine as an art, but I saw it completely different. After taking care of my mom for two years after graduating, she passed peacefully in our home. This moment made me stop and think, and I shifted mindsets yet again. How could I align my passion for medicine and my passion for art? I know you know the answer already.

My “Why”

In 2021 I took a step back from medical school, and rediscovered my love for photography. I find that my passion does not lie only in capturing the stunning love stories of couples (obviously thats a plus), but in learning about their life stories. Entrusted to capture these most precious moments that will live on forever. While my mom does not exist on the physical plane, her spirit and story live on through the photographs around our home. That is the privilege bestowed upon me as a wedding photographer.

Giving you those photos that exist in this plane when your loved ones do not. That photograph that brings comfort to a family member while they have an extended stay in the hospital. A loved one looking to one of the photos for support and joy that is deployed over 3,000 miles from home . These are more than photographs, they are an image that can and will evoke hundreds of emotions for those viewing them back. They transcend you to those beautiful moments in time, and make you feel as though you are right back in that place. Back to that place of pure joy with your closest loved ones.

Thank you

This is what lights my fire, and why I am so lucky to have the best job in the world. Thank you to my past and future couples for trusting me with such precious moments. Thank you for letting me have a peak into your lives for the time we spend together. Please know that I usually am crying when you cry (but I have my camera to sneakily hide my tears). And know I am laughing at all of the funny stories during speeches! Your stories and moments live in my mind and heart. I am so fortunate to serve you each and every weekend, and continue to do what I love– being a Philadelphia wedding photographer for the beautiful couples of the tristate area!

Now for some fun facts,

  1. Although I am a Philadelphia wedding photographer, I love to travel, and have a goal of shooting at least 5 destination weddings a year (starting next year!)
  2. I am from South Jersey, but live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my newly minted husband (yes, I know what you brides are going through) with our two Australian shepherds!
  3. Although I am primarily a wedding photographer, I love shooting engagement photos, and families as well! Your engagement photos can be taken anywhere– from the streets of old city Philadelphia, to the shores of Cape May!
  4. When I am not shooting weddings, I am studying for a test (for medical school) or hanging out with my loved ones– this includes hiking, biking with my husband and his family, or checking out local breweries with my dad!
  5. I love romcoms, not that I think this is something you would not guess– I love love so much, that I spend my free time day dreaming about it and watching movies. I’m a classic pisces, can’t you tell!

If you have come this far, thank you so much for reading about me, and getting to know the girl behind the camera! If you are looking for a photographer, I’d love to talk to you and see if I could be a good fit for your day! Inquire with me here!

Lexi of Lexi Jaice Photography | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer: Lexi Jaice Photography

September 13, 2022


Savannah + Erek | Cape May, NJ

“Lexi was great! Our pictures came out beautiful and I couldn’t be happier! You definitely can’t go wrong with having Lexi take your pictures!”

"I couldn’t be happier!"

Nicole & Alec | New Jersey

"Not only was she… personable to the point even my camera shy self felt comfortable, but she put the bridal party and grooms party at ease as well."

"I'm thrilled she was part of my day."

Alexandra & Jess | Pelham, NY

"Lexi is great with lighting and art direction, and we couldn’t stop smiling looking through all the photographs. I couldn’t recommend someone more."

"She’s a brilliant photographer."

Comments From Couples I’ve Photographed

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