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The reality behind every image

A Destination & Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer Staying Connected To…

The tone is set by a thoughtful method. This means taking every opportunity to connect with you authentically — over a tasty meal or a personalized addition you didn’t even think of (like the mini disco balls I brought for flatlays at a glittering, Great-Gatsby-style wedding). 

With a photographer who innately tunes into the emotional and visual details, you’ll get refined imagery of moments that would otherwise be lost to the whirlwind of your wedding events. 

Get heirloom memories that are full of depth, with each moment emphasized by a fine art touch. 

Embrace The Moment

Memories That Honestly

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Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved observing the unique ways that people connect and co-exist. There are places like New York where the ambition and stunning styles boldly stand out, in contrast to the slow sweetness of Charleston. I apply my favorite things from those locales and use them in my own philosophies of life and work. 

I must also say — my Italian background brings the gusto, charm and understanding of family dynamics, often stemming from cuisine-centered gatherings. (Don’t mind me and my love for big Italian meals.)

Memory Collector. Sentimental Creative. Aussie Dog Mom. 

I’m Lexi.

A note from this wedding photographer in Pennsylvania

An enhanced ability to observe and understand visual cues lends every image to intricate detail. You’ll admire captures of the often unnoticed — like your father’s soft and proud gaze or a subtle kiss on your partner’s forehead.


My path to photography began with a film camera. So every capture — regardless of the medium — is inspired by the philosophy film photography holds: timeless representations and slow, intentional captures.


Known for big meals, yes, but loved for strongly valuing connection and family. Years of family-centered celebrations and energy-filled events contribute to an eye for imagery with a unique juxtaposition — intimate emotion and unmatched spirit. (Plus food — love that too.)

Italian Roots 

of this Work

The Story

Philadelphia Photographer

Being a wedding photographer fulfills my love of witnessing and acknowledging the connections and meaning of family, while honoring and documenting your legacy.

All throughout my life, science and art have come together consistently. From the darkroom where chemicals turn a blank image into a mesmerizing piece of art, to receiving multiple degrees in the science realm. (I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences.) And with my fine art inclinations near at hand, I also minored in photography, where I taught others the beauty of film and worked hands-on in the printing lab. While I began my career in the medical field, I noticed an intersection of humanity within patient care and the way you can take care of your wedding couples as their photographer. For me, one of the best ways to serve you is to ensure that your photographs are a pure representation of your experience. Film photography achieves that — letting you take in the moment, completely and without erring on the side of being too trendy. Helping the experience feel easy along the way is natural to me too, as someone who believes that no detail is too small, and with thoughtfulness as my self-designated love language. 

The Backstory


"Our wedding was perfect because of her! She is talented, and I could not have imagined our wedding without her. Working with her was like working with a friend!

"I can't recommend Lexi enough!"

Nicole & Alec | New Jersey

"Not only was she… personable to the point even my camera shy self felt comfortable, but she put the bridal party and grooms party at ease as well."

"I'm thrilled she was part of my day."

Alexandra & Jess | Pelham, NY

"Lexi is great with lighting and art direction, and we couldn’t stop smiling looking through all the photographs. I couldn’t recommend someone more."

"She’s a brilliant photographer."

Comments From Couples I’ve Photographed

I hope to honor her story in the way I capture yours.

It was my mom who taught me the value of time well-spent, and the importance of loved ones. For us, we made countless memories while baking — bonding through the comforting routine of a flour-filled kitchen with sweet scents surrounding us. 

These days, baking helps me feel close to her again. But it’s her memory that drives everything I do — the sincere understanding of family, an observant eye for the little moments, and the tangible connections made at every opportunity. I’ve lost her, and I miss her, but I’ve found more meaning in my life and the lives I capture. (If you want to learn more, use this link to see the organization that I’m involved with, one that takes on the difficult role of supporting children who have lost a parent to cancer.)

Memories Are All That We Have

It’s True What They Say

Dedicated To My Mom

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Tell me yours. I want to bring the human condition and your connections alive within the photos. To help you feel the emotions, and to curate everything with in-depth personalizations.

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