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All made possible by carefully planning, encouraging candid connections, and prompting organic interactions.

Each image is captured to honor both your vision and your legacy, from the laughs to the indulgent details. This perspective creates an atmosphere that is organic and on par with the story you want to tell. When you look back, you’ll have pure representations of your memories, all captured with film and digital photographs. 

the moment is a luxury.

Your ability to be in

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“I am not exaggerating when I say that not only did she capture our wedding day perfectly, but she also made sure our day was perfect and smooth …13/10, perfection, amazing, fabulous, best decision ever!”

"She got our vision!"


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Finding Poetry In The Unplanned Moments

A Truly Reliable Connection At Every Turn

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The Recipe For Photography

How this digital & film wedding photographer stands apart

Connect for your wedding

Pure representations of your story come from truly knowing you — your love language as a couple, the relationships that mean most to you, and the intricate decor details you’ve perfected all these months.  In the months leading up to your wedding, communication will be reliable and open, with key touch points via email and text to allow every aspect of this milestone to be considered and planned for. Then, with a genuine connection established (intentionally so), the photography process will more seamlessly integrate into your event, with photographs that follow through with the same true-to-you style.

Needs More Than A Quick Conversation

Imagery With A Tangible Connection

The EXPERIENCe with this film wedding photographer

On average, couples invest $7,000 USD for their photographs & heirlooms.

Digital and film photography for your wedding. An engagement session is included to acquaint you with the process and commemorate the excitement — plus, you’ll enjoy timeline reviews and receive guidance along the way for your logistics and other not-so-small details. 

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Expect a welcome email detailing how we’ll work together in the coming months along with a wedding questionnaire. (My ability to observe and capture your vision is clarified with this, or details from your planner.) This ensures an exquisite process — and a true connection to your narrative.

04. Staying connected

After hearing all the so-you stories you shared during our call, you’ll find a proposal in your inbox ready for your approval — the contract and invoice with a 33% retainer fee will soon follow.


We’ll iron out the details — about your wedding, sure, but you’re welcome to share so much more about your relationship, story, family, and definitely your dog — over a consultation call.


I’ll say it over and over — I am so thankful for the opportunity to connect through this work. So, thank you for reaching out! Connect with me through this contact form. You can expect a reply within 48 hours inviting you to share a few more details about your event.



Connection + Excitement to Come

To the Process,

I’ll say it over and over — I am so thankful for the opportunity to connect through this work. So, thank you for reaching out! Connect with me through this contact form. You can expect a reply within 48 hours inviting you to share a few more details about your event.

My work is in tune with the timeless aesthetic of film photography — after all, this medium was my first photographic love. Before anything else, I learned photography through black and white film, and that influence remains with me. Outside of the aesthetic, the philosophy of film photography resonates with my value of memories — to be intentional with every moment, to slow down, and soak it all in. (And believe me, a soft and classic pace is needed for your wedding.)


I use a blend of fine art posing and easygoing prompts. However, I adjust my approach based on who you are as a couple. My ultimate goal is for you to feel and appreciate the moments — now, and when you look back at them. This organic and custom style creates images that feel natural.

What is your approach to posing?

By now, you’ve seen how much connection is valued here. It’s no different when it comes to connecting with your vendors, and especially your planner. As soon as your wedding is on my calendar, I’ll establish regular and reliable communication with your planner so we can collaborate on the details and logistics. Staying engaged here allows me to step into your wedding prepared and with accurate anticipation of what needs to be captured.

How will you work with our planner?

After our consultation (which we’ll book after you fill out this contact form), I’ll prepare a custom proposal with the coverage and add-ons you need to entirely document and preserve your wedding. Once any needed adjustments have been made, we’ll book with a signed contract and a 33% service retainer.

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At the heart of it all — the events, the gatherings, and the photographs you hold onto in the years that follow — are the memories made with people you love. The secret to such connection-driven imagery? Never losing sight of the intention behind every capture: to honor and preserve these stories so you can keep them close.

Heirlooms That Last.

Moments You Can Feel,

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