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I'm Lexi

A Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

I am a student doctor turned photographer who started her business after being burnt out during COVID! Craving that human connection, and a passion for capturing beautiful love stories, Lexi Jaice Photography was born! 
When I am not photographing weddings I am hanging out with my husband, Vincent, and our two aussie pups Kona & Lani. Either cuddled up on the couch watching a true crime documentary, or outside traveling to a new location. All that matters is spending time together!
I believe wedding photography should feel authentically you, with a fine-art touch. Keep scrolling to hear more fun facts about me!

When I am not at a wedding, or at an engagement session, I try to travel with my husband as much as possible! We love the beach (where we met), but we've traveled to Austin, TX, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Hawaii, etc. and have plans on traveling to Maine, Oregon, Washington, Mexico, and Italy (hopefully all next year)! 


During the week while I'm at home (editing & answering emails) you can find me in my workspace (the couch) with my two aussies (Australian shepherds) cuddled up somewhere around me, or barking at people walking by our doors! We love them so much, and the little one pictured on the right was my companion while living alone before I got married!

unconditional love

Our pups

Although I am a wedding photographer in a big city, there is nothing quite like a quiet beach town in September after all of the tourists have gone home. I always look forward to those long bike rides beside the ocean when the lights are finally blinking again. Fun fact: my husband and I met while working summer jobs down the shore together! We call it our second home, and try to get there as much as possible to slow life down

Less City, More Ocean

Life by the sea

Family means so much to my husband and I! We both have large Italian families (& some Irish mixed in on my side) and we try to spend as much time with them as possible! My mom was my best friend and I spent most of my time with her until she passed in 2018. Now more than ever, we try to spend time with those we love and give them our undivided attention.

In Remembrance

Loved Ones

It all started with a black & white photography class in summer art during high school where we got a chance to not only take our own film photos, but process and print them in the dark room. It was then I realized the beauty of slowing down, and taking in the smallest details that influence the larger picture. I continued to work in the dark room in college, and learn different mediums of film and its intricacies. 

While learning the art, I began to comb through my grandmother's and parents' wedding albums. It was the rich sense of intimate human connection that was hit so deep. It was then I realized the power of a photograph, and how it allows the legacy of our loved ones, and us, to exist on a plane that is other-worldly.

where it all started...

our "why"

the heart behind what we do